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You Had Children With A Narc. Now What?

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January 20, 20231 min read

You’d leave your husband…



You have kids and don’t want to lose them


You’re pregnant and scared for the future


You’re unemployed because you don’t get paid to be a SAHM


You have nowhere to go



*If you have adult children and finally left your narcissistic husband, it is NOT helpful when you judge those of us who have chosen to stay because we want to keep our families together. Keep your opinion to yourself. If you left and had to give up custody of your children, I’m truly sorry. We understand that some people NEED to LEAVE to stay safe, so PLEASE recognize that some women NEED to stay to keep their children safe. Your story is your story. If you want to argue and bitch, go do it on your own profile.


It’s not as easy as some people make it look.


”Leave - you don’t deserve this”


”I would never tolerate that behavior”


”I can’t believe you keep your kids in this situation”

-said by people who have no idea the love you have for your husband and the PASSION you have for keeping your family together


Or worse - your friends don’t even know what’s going on because you KNOW they won’t understand.

I DO NOT condone abuse




Not every woman will leave. Even those who SAY they would leave might not actually leave. I know - I was one of them. When I was faced with it, I didn’t leave. I stayed. Thanks to that I have a family that is whole.


We are the exception.


Not the rule. (I understand this)

Help us change the rules.

Picture of my kids for no other reason other than they are happy and whole


In Jesus name


Kathryn Morrow

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