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You Can’t Turn Your Wife On If YOU Auto Turn Her Off

Sexless Marriages
January 20, 20231 min read

Wanna know why you don’t get your needs met by your wife?

Far too many men focus on what they need, justifying why they should get their needs met.

I talk about it all the time. You BELIEVE THIS because you have been taught this.

IF you truly want change in your marriage, try something new. Don’t do what you’ve always done.

Here’s some of your mistakes, all spelled out by the word SOCIETY. As in, SOCIETY showed you how to be a man and why you think you might be doing things right and just don’t understand why your wife isn’t hot for you.

S - Social Cues: I provide, I protect, I’m a Great Guy.
O - Overcompensating: Happy Wife, Happy Life: Keeping the peace.
C - Chores. Doing them for attention or approval.
I - I Give: Giving gifts to get.
E - Ego Feeding: Pretending other women don’t exist or feeding your own with disrespect.
T - Talking to your wife about sex and why she doesn’t want it anymore.
Y - YUCK (the part Society didn’t tell you).

These all make you a great man. A man she would be proud to be with…

As long as you aren’t doing to get action from your wife, approval, validation and definitely not to throw how great you are in her face.

Really dig deep into how these have damaged your marriage, your sex life and if you want a whole lot more of what I call, AUTO TURN OFFS for your wife.

Cass Morrow

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