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Everyone Loves A Narcissist

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January 20, 20231 min read

Fun fact!

Narc stats have gone from estimating approx 0.5% (that’s 1 in 200 people being classified as a narc) to approx 5%.


Thats 1 in 20 people!


Odds of you knowing (and loving) a narcissist are much higher than we once thought!

Narcissistic Personality Disorder is one of the 10 personality disorders in the DSM, and goes back to 1980 (when it was first listed in the DSM) and even further than that if we want to look at its actual origin. (The definition in the DSM is geared toward the grandiose narcissist, but there are multiple types, and like other mental health issues and developmental issues, narcissism exists on a spectrum.

A SPECTRUM! Your narc might not fall into the definition of a grandiose narc and might not be diagnosed with NPD, but that doesn’t mean he or she isn’t an actual narc. He or she very well may be


Contrary to popular belief, a narcissist CAN change. There is a lot of research happening RIGHT NOW that shows this, and researchers and therapists all over the world are hoping for some changes in the next version of the DSM to reflect more diagnoses for those existing on the lesser extreme of the spectrum…

Everyone loves a narc, and yes - they CAN change - and my husband is living proof it’s possible.

Kathryn Morrow

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