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Even Narcs Need Love

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January 20, 20231 min read

Narcissism tends to emerge as a psychological defence in response to excessive levels of parental criticism, abuse or neglect in early life. Narcissistic personalities tend to be formed by emotional injury as a result of overwhelming shame, loss or deprivation during childhood.

CHILDHOOD! If this doesn’t invoke empathy I don’t know what will.

In many cases, narcissism could have been completely prevented, and if the narcissistic person is willing to put in the work, it can also be reversed.

Is this easy? Well no - otherwise we wouldn’t have a world filled with narcs. The small population of the world that we (Cass & I) are blessed to encounter, are those who are ready to change.

The men Cass works with are recognizing where they’ve missed the mark in their marriage, and the women I work with are ready to own their own mistakes and then lead with love and empathy in order to inspire a change in their entire family unit.

We don’t work with everyone, and not everyone is a fit for what we do, but those who are see remarkable results💛

***while Cass and I are very open about our own story and speak from a very personal and intimate place (and we endured a great amount of narcissistic and emotional abuse in our marriage), we do not encourage anyone to stay in any abusive situation***

Kathryn Morrow

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