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Applying Pressure In Sexless Marriages

Sexless Marriages
January 20, 20231 min read

Apply the pressure where you need to apply it if you want your wife to want you and want sex more.

The only thing that applying pressure to her does is make her feel coerced, forced… negative.

When you begin to work your side though, holding yourself accountable, you can ramp that up by applying pressure on you to follow through on bigger and bolder steps.

Some of these things include but are not limited to:

Your confidence, your mood and energy, your health, your control over you when she has a mood.

Does she feel like your mom? Are you exciting to talk about? Talk to?

Do you have dates at home? Go out? Are you busy and making time for her? Do you flirt?

Are you still making moves, EVEN if you know she’s going to say no.

The moment you start applying the pressure on yourself to show up, you’re wife will notice less pressure on her.

You’ll start getting more of what you want, without trying to get what you want.

Important to note, the word pressure can have a negative tone. Especially when saying, take it off of her and apply it to yourself.

If you find that, focus on the accountability side of it instead.

Kathryn Morrow

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