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“We should have divorced 1000 times. We probably almost killed each other. Thank God we didn’t”

A Sexless Marriage:

6 months or more without sex or

as Cass puts it, when you can tell she’s just laying there. She’s not in.

The Marriage Reset isn’t just about sex. You can’t have great sex, if you’re not talking, laughing, having fun, dreaming, achieving...

Go Get Your Wife

Fighting, abuse, narcissistic traits: Some people aren’t leaving.

Kathryn was not attracted, not in love and settling. Staying only to honor her commitment and oath under God.

Now years later, She’s Keeping Families Together with the White Picket Fence Project.

From Cass

From Kathryn

  • Is your marriage really that bad?

  • I am a (coping) Severe Narcissist and I was very abusive.

  • We separated 7 times in the first 4 years of our marriage and missed all 4 of those anniversaries. I even had a 30 day restraining order against me. We nearly divorced hundreds of times.

  • I made the same mistakes all of us men are taught by Society - only leading to passion, her desire, intimacy and sex to all disappear.

  • We had 5000 talks about, “why don’t you want sex anymore?” “What would turn you on?” “Do you even think I’m sexy anymore?” “why don’t you want me”.

  • I became ferociously angry that she didn’t want me. Insecurity bled into our home and pushed her further away until she completely checked out.

  • Sex went from severe “job” or pity sex, to no sex at all. Roommates with schedules and routines.

  • .

    Needless to say, I had a lot to learn. Kathryn wasn’t even willing to make changes or accept mine and if your wife is like Kathryn was, we do not need to her be on board either.

  • I am a narcissistic abuse survivor & instead of divorcing my husband, I settled, I coasted until began to learn.

  • I would love to help you gain the skills to strengthen yourself as a woman, save your marriage, keep your family together, & find the passion & desire for your husband again, even if he’s not on board.

  • That’s right! My methods are designed to work whether your husband participates or not. In fact, many of the women I work with don’t even tell their husbands about the program until they’ve already graduated & their marriage is out of the woods!!!

  • Im passionate about making REAL, lasting changes that are going to CHANGE YOUR LIFE & impact your family in the most beautiful way possible.

  • Life is hard! Faith is tested, marriage is work, parenting is thankless, work is unfulfilling, taking care of the home is unrewarding, and lastly (it is unfortunate that this comes last), taking care of ourselves is often non existent. Together we will find YOUR strength

Whether you are both ready or if it’s just one of you, our programs will allow you to save your marriage or take it to an entirely new level all together.



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